Making Vignamato wines is a creative activity
that the Ceci family devotes its heart and soul to every day.

Generation after generation, our vineyards, with their breath-taking views over the rolling Castelli di Jesi hills, have been a constant testament to our family’s hard work and sacrifice, come rain or shine, through great and less great vintages, because the life of a great wine starts right there on the vine, shoot by shoot, grape by grape. This is the ethos that I inherited from my parents and my grandparents before them — that to be a wine grower is “a way of life and not a job.”

It encapsulates the wine grower’s world, a life spent creating a wine, shaping it with knowledge and passion, giving it something of yourself, imbibing it with hope and expectation. The road to the bottle is a long one. The choice of terroir, the type of vine, watching it grow, honouring it and carefully tending it, harvesting its fruits, falling in love with the wine-growing world, building an indestructible bond with the land, trying to create something special, something of your own.

Marche Bianco IGT
Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico- Superiore DOC
Marche Rosso IGT
Vi De Visciola
Dessert Wine