The Vegas family, whose winemaking tradition dates back to 1950,
presents collections of wines created to share, to delight, in essence, TO ENJOY!

Winery founded in 1950 by Avelino Vegas in the Segovia village of Santiuste de San Juan Bautista. The winery began its activity producing wines with grapes from the area. Today, several members of the third generation are incorporated into the management of the business. Cristina Vegas, the founder’s granddaughter (Biotechnologist and holder of the National Diploma in Oenology from the University of Bordeaux) is in charge of oenological management.

The winery controls hundred-year-old, low-yield vineyards in various unique locations. These soils have a limestone and sandy component in the case of Ribera del Duero, which added to a special climate produce a Tempranillo of extraordinary quality. In the case of the D.O. Rueda, the sandy and stony soil is excellent for the natural water control of the vineyard. Thermal jumps of more than 20 degrees during the summer contribute to the Verdejo from Segovia having an unparalleled uniqueness.

Vegas Colección Privada
Vegas Colección Privada
Vegas Colección Privada